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Why more freight forwarders today are stress-free

Too many freight forwarders today share the same frustrations. They say, “From organizing and tracking shipments to getting paid, EVERYTHING is out of my control!”

That’s because they are trying to use an OLD, broken system. One where you are forced to use multiple platforms, there’s no transparency and you’re blindsided by the costs!

How many times have you not known when your shipment will arrive? How many times have you been paid too little because you were completely upside-down on your costs?

It’s 2021… there HAS to be an easier way to manage your shipments, right?

Today there is! A SINGLE, digital platform that was built to streamline the service of the freight forwarder.

It’s called the Ship2me Network, and you can learn more about it here.

The Old Way Vs. The New Way

The Old Way uses multiple confusing forms that make it harder for you. Ship2me uses a single, simple digital platform. You’ll schedule shipments in just minutes!

The Old Way makes it almost impossible to connect with customers to win new deals. Ship2Me connects you with customers all around the world — you’ll instantly see the big shipments you want!

The Old Way made you practically work blind, not knowing where your shipments are. With Ship2Me, you can track your shipments LIVE and always be notified of any changes.

The Old Way cost you considerable money, and you waited too long to be paid. With Ship2Me, you generate quotes online, offers a Payment Protection Plan and delivers your money FAST at no cost!

Forget about the stress, hassles and inconvenience of old freight forwarding systems.

Stress less and win more deals.

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