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What made us design a stand alone group called ""?

"" reached onboard only after having a bunch of discussions and research with various top most Freight Forwarders in the industry today. Their main requirements and expectations are reflected throughout designing the policies and process of this network. Means, this network makes sure of a room full of profit margins for different Freight Forwarders around the world.

Here are the key highlights of our group:

1. A flawless Digital Platform : Our network designed a versatile platform that guarantees a sure success for your business. This platform enables a process such that requesting a quote and receiving a rate happens directly from the members. The system makes sure of distributing all the RFQs from a country into all the members in that corresponding country. Means, there are no chances for any of our members to miss any of the RFQs from their country. This guarantees a sure success for your business through our group.

2. Limited Members per country : Our policy put forward a very useful aspect for Freight Forwarders such that only 5 members can get membership slots from one country. This is different when it happens from large countries like China, USA & India such that upto 10 members can join here. But still, the limitation in membership helps Freight Forwarders a lot. Because, even though they need to compete between themselves in the group, they can reduce a very large set of outside competitions in their location. Means, for the entire business through our group in the corresponding location, only 5 members are the POC to run the requirements. At the same time, these members can enjoy unlimited Branch registration within the same country along with unlimited user login.

3. Option to link directly with the customers : Our brand officially joined hands with, one of the most relevant platforms connecting thousands of customers worldwide, requesting Freight Forwarding quotes on a daily basis. Through, our members can directly connect with actual shippers and buyers so that it helps a bunch of requirements coming into their fingertips frequently.

4. Credibility check before membership approval:

Only genuine Freight Forwarders can be a part of our group. Upon registration, our team ensures credibility checks on each of our members before bringing them into the actual process. This not only helps us directly to connect with best Freight Forwarders from different countries, but also helps our members indirectly to keep their value as being a part of this group especially when connecting with direct customers through

5. A properly designed communication channel:

Our group makes sure of a marketplace where our members can run flawless communication within the group & with the customers. Also, our team is dedicated to any kind of support for our members to keep the process very efficient, error free, effective & transparent.

6. Our Value Added Services :

Our team feels so proud to provide best quality services to all our members. The value added services like "Payment Protection Plans", "Cargo Insurance Plans", "eWallet Facilities" etc. ensures our group to be at the top of the list. Payment Protection Plans guarantee up to a protection of $20,000 whereas Cargo Insurance ensures many features including Door to Door coverage. Then, the eWallet helps pay and receive options online without additional fees that further keeps our process more user friendly.

7. Extra Bonus :

Our members get direct bonus from the platform for each and every shipment they shared inside the group. And, there are many other attractive bonus options too.

8. Annual Family Meeting:

Our group arranges a global annual meeting to keep all our members in the loop and stay connected. This helps to meet new members reached recently and boost relationships between all other members.

Our group has much more exciting features to come. Join us and stay connected!

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