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Have you missed another quotation request?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

You’ve probably heard this saying before: “He with the most information WINS.”

Now, that saying 100% applies to freight forwarders.

Because now you’ll get the most information and the most rates available.

Be among the first to learn about every Quotation Request. Plus, because you’ll have access to many rate quotes — not just one or two — you’ll get far more competitive rates from your overseas agents.

Lots of freight forwarders are already taking advantage of this new and improved way to receive more quotation requests and get more competitive rates.

It’s called the Ship2me Network, and you can learn more about it here.

Make your job easier and get better results

Because Ship2Me uses a single, simple digital platform, scheduling shipments takes no time at all.

Forget about ever missing a Quotation Request again! You’ll know of every Quotation Request that comes through the Ship2Me network.

And because several quotes will come through the network, you’ll get their most competitive rates. More quotes = more reasonable rates!

Ship2Me enables you to connect with customers all over the world. Plus, you can track your shipments LIVE and always be notified of any changes.

The best part: With Ship2Me, you generate quotes online, offers a Payment Protection Plan and delivers your money FAST at no cost!

Forget about the stress, hassles and inconvenience of old freight forwarding systems.

Stress less and win more deals.

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