International Freight Forwarder Network

A Digital Platform that streamlines the services of all Freight Forwarders!


The best Online Freight Forwarder Network to boost your business!

Our Nework proudly presents an innovative DIGITAL PLATFORM, offering a complete range of products & services, totally dedicated to facilitate and streamline the service of the Freight Forwarder.

Be part of a large community and get the best tools to run your business!


Linking with the customers help big deals!

Our online network helps different Freight Forwarders all around the world to connect with customers directly and talk about big deals. Our policy ensures enough quality checks before membership approval so that all of our existing members can trust the process of shipments.


Ship2me Network also ensures a very easy Shipping quote through join hands with QUUOTE.ME, helps customers to compare the rates, run the shipments, track and much more!

Find customers, get in touch and grow business easily

Cargo Ship at Sea

Only Limited number of agents per Country

Our Innovative Digital Platform enables each Member to Quote every RFQs online

 Do not miss any opportunity anymore!

8 Members per country

15 Members per Large countries (China/USA/India)

Unlimited Branch registration (same country)

Unlimited User Login

incl Payment Protection Plan 
unlimited branches/users
(same country)

Generate your Quotes online with Members & Customers

Send one request to all Members in the selected country or Send the Request to your Favourite Members only!

Receive multiple quotes - Select the best - Check the Members rating to provide the most effective experience to your customer

Experience the best Freight Forwarder Network today!


Direct link with the customers?

Introducing QUUOTE.ME as a key behind this successful processing

Online Freight Shipping Quote

QUUOTE.ME is a platform where customers connecting for online shipping quotes on a daily basis. Ship2me! officially joins hands with QUUOTE.ME, that helps our members to connect with a lot of shipping orders directly from customers.

Map your Shipments in real time

be immediately updated of ETA change


Our Services

We’re proud to provide community members with top-notch service. 

Our services are making your life easy!


Work SAFE inside the group

Working inside the group guarantee a payment security up to $20,000


Protect your customers interests

  • Competitive Rates

  • All Commodities considered

  • Door-to-Door Coverage

  • Chubb Insurance


e-Wallet is an online system that allows members to pay and receive money from their partners at no cost

Completely safe and secure, e-Wallet online software allows members to manage and maintain their account payables and receivables in a simple and effective manner

User-friendly and totally FREE for our members

Bonus System

We always provide quality service, but we really pride ourselves on the additional features we offer. Our business is complete with professional resources and experienced service providers to benefit all clients.

A Port Worker


Receive $5 for every shipment you share inside the group

Renewable Membership

During the Renewable Membership, you will receive a CREDIT NOTE for the BONUS received during the year


Our Additional Services

What We Provide

Available on all Devices

All information always at your fingertips



Fast Communication



GAM Meeting

Once a Year, meet your Ship2Me! Family during a 3-Days exciting Meeting

Ship2Me! Global Annual Meeting is the best and unique chance to strengthen your Network relationships and meet so many new contacts at once avoiding extra representation costs


Our partners

Online Freight Shipping Quote

Shippers/Buyers can request their Freight Quotes online

Cargo Insurance Online

Cargo Insure Online

Online Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse Management Software with e-Commerce & Carriers integration

Forwarders Debt Recovery Services



Manoj (Awesome Network ltd/Bangladesh)

Congratulations & Good to see you back with new Brand name.

We eagerly look forward to be part of new platform and get acquainted many mores business entity

Daniel (WoW Logistics/Germany)

I like your simple system of sharing shipments etc. and of course we are interested to join as a member for Germany

Mário (Vigonorte Cargo Lda/Portugal)

Is a pleasure to be one of the founder members of Your new network and for sure will be successful .

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